Zipper Pulls

Iron Braid Zipper Pulls

Iron Braid Zipper Pulls makes it Easy to handle that zipper with or without your gloves on. No more fumbling for your zipper clasp. They also make a great gift for friends and family members.

Features & Choices:

3 styles to choose from Braided, Fringed or Strapped.

The Zipper Pull clasp is made from Stainless Steel Ring so they will hang tough & wear well for a long time.

Zipper Pulls are available in one or two colors using any of our 19 colors.

All Zipper Pulls have the same fine full grain leather used in all Iron Braid products.

Easy to Install


Iron Braid Zipper Pulls

Part# Description U/M Price
1002B Braided Zipper Pull Ea. $3.95
1002F Fringed Zipper Pull Ea. $3.95
1002S Strapped Zipper Pull Ea. $3.95

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