J&M Shorty HD Antennas
Trunk & Rail Mount Shorty Antennas for Harley Davidsons

J&M's 12" Shorty HD Dresser Antenna's
We are very excited to offer J&M's new shorty-style antenna staff upgrade for Harley audio systems. At just 1 foot in length, these replacement staffs have been designed specifically for the Harley CB radio cable/load system (they are already pre-tuned for the CB, NO SWR adjustment necessary) and also the Harley AM/FM portion of the audio system (same antenna). No other shorty-style antenna on the market today has been engineered to perform as well or better than the long factory Harley antennas. This antenna features a top-loaded copper-wound fiberglass rod, with heavy-duty spring built into the base. It can be folded down to allow easy installation of your motorcycle weather cover. Installation is a snap as you just loosen the set screw on the factory Harley antenna, unscrew it from the mounting stud, screw on the new J&M antenna and re-tighten the Allen set screw. This can be performed in a matter of minutes with little or no mechanical skills. These antennas are covered by J&M's 2 year warranty and will provide you with years of trouble free servic

HD Trunk Mount Antenna


These antennas Part# HFCA-08 will fit the tail trunk position on 1989-2008 Harley Dressers.

HD Rail Mount Antenna 

These antennas Part# HFCA-09 will fit the tail trunk position on 2009 Harley Dressers or the rail mount position for 1989-2009 Harley Dressers

Part# Description
HFCA-09 89-09 Rail & 09 Trunk Mount Shorty Antenna Ea. $26.99
HFCA-08 89-08 Trunk Mount Shorty Antenna Ea. $26.99

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