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Braiding at Ironbraid is second nature; family owned and operated since 1989, Ironbraid is located in a small town in upstate New York, we take great pride in our outstanding customer service. Famous for our Leather Braided Levers, we also carry many complementary accessories such as Braided Get Back Whips, Leather Gloves, Leather Concho Kits, Keychains, and ZipperPulls, Handlebar Mounts for Electronics, Fringed Iso Endcaps (fits KuryAkyn Iso-Grips) Carbon Fiber Helmets and much more. Take advantage of our two day shop turn around time when you place orders with us by phone, fax or from our website. Service, choice, comfort and durability are what Iron Braid is all about.

Braided Rubber Grips

Finally a grip that actually does what it name implies, offer a grip. The 2 layer textured design gives you something to hold onto while completely eliminating the grip from becoming smooth and slippery like most stock and aftermarket grips. The top layer is soft and supple to the touch while the bottom layer is firm and strong to last for a long time.




Cruise-Mate is an easy to use lever operated throttle assist, originally designed to replace the original Harley-Davidson Idle Adjustment Thumbscrew. Cruise-Mate is available for most motorcycles. Using Cruise-Mate takes about as much effort as operating your directional signal button, operates in 1/4 turn or less. Once installed, Cruise-Mate is extremely reliable and easy to operate. When you want to set the throttle simply flip lever forward.

Leather Gloves

We carry a full line of gloves from fingerless to wrist to gauntlets, with or without fringe and lined or unlined the choice is all your.

Custom Braiding Goes Beyond Motorcycles

Iron Braid can braid just about anything you want wrapped in leather. With 19 color choices the sky is the limit.


Get Back Whips

Each Get Back Whip is braided directly to a Quick Release(Panic Snap) which can be attached to either the brake or clutch lever.

Braided Keychains & Braided Zipperpulls

Order our Handbraided Key Chains & Zipperpulls easily by simply choosing one or two colors from our 19 colors.

Levers & Grips for Harleys and Imports

Ship your levers to us or buy new chrome one from us braided or unbraided. We also have Iso-Grips with ot without fringe.


Echo Helmet Quick Release
Put safety and convenience first with patented (US. Pat. #4559679) Echo Helmet Quick Release for Your helmet's chin strap. Attaches easily to any helmet no sewing required.

Handlebar Mounts for Electronic Mounting
We have come up with a very econimical and durable solution to mounting just about any type of electronic you have to the handlebar of your motorcycle.

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